If you have been injured while on a Cruise Ship, we can help.

The Cruise Ship Injury Lawyers at Geller Legal, PLLC., have been helping injury victims since 2010.

Common types of Cruise Ship Injuries:

1) Slip and Fall
2) Negligent Security
3) Falling Objects
4) Medical Negligence Medical Malpractice
5) Cruise Ship Food Poisoning
6) Cruise Ship Malfunction Injury
7) Cruise Ship Fire
8) Crewmember Assault
9) Injured on a Cruise Ship excursion
10) Cruise Ship Patron Assault (Intoxicated Passenger Assault)

Whether you have been injured on a Cruise Ship due to one of the above listed tragedies, or something that isn’t listed, the Cruise Ship Injury Lawyers at Geller Legal, PLLC. can help.

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